Versa V-HANDLE Retrofit Door Handle for Multipoint Locks

2 Point Patio

Door Lock

Supplied with 3 packers to adjust the backset between 18.5mm / 21.5mm / 24.5mm and 27.5mm.

Supplied with keeps.

180mm between pins in unlocked position / 240mm between pins in locked position.

A versatile replacement patio door lock with 133mm screw centres and adjustable backset. 

Includes packers designed to adjust the patio lock backset between: 18.5mm / 21.5mm / 24.5mm and 27.5mm. 

  • Case dimensions: 209mm x 35mm

  • Faceplate dimensions: 300mm x 25mm

  • Pin centres: 180mm open / 240mm locked

  • Screw centres: 133mm

  • Keep included


Versa V-HANDLE Multipoint Door handle Packaging