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Retrofit UPVC

Friction Stay

A range of friction hinges for either top or side hung windows. All types can be converted between 13mm to 17mm stack heights and are conveniently packaged in pairs with 4.8mm x 25mm UPVC repair screws.


• 12” and 16” versions suit both top and side hung windows.

• Supplied with 4mm packers to convert 13mm stays to a 17mm stack height.

• Supplied with self tapping repair friction stay screws.

• Tested to over 30,000 cycles.

• Manufactured from Ferritic steel.

• Supplied packaged in pairs with packers and screws


12’ and 16” versions suitable for both top and side hung applications.


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Packers convert 13mm stack height to 17mm.



Supplied in pairs with fixing screws.