Versa V-RES Adjustable Door Restrictor

Window Restrictor


This concealed Window Restrictor is a unique restrictor that is designed to fit a wide range of different windows. It is fitted to the frame of the window, keeping it concealed until it needs to be adjusted.

This concealed window restrictor is non-key locking, so that the window can be used as an emergency exit in case of fire etc. In addition, it has a strong child safety catch lock, helping to keep younger children safe near the windows.

The Flexi concealed window restrictor is supplied in both left and right handed variations to fit the frame of your window.


• Suitable for UPVC & Aluminium window frames. 

• Strong child safety catch lock.

• Stud height 9.5mm complete with packers

  to adjust height to 11.5mm and 13.5mm.