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Struggling to find enough space for all your door repair parts?

Here's our versatile replacement door hardware designed to allow you to complete door repairs in one visit.


Holding too many parts in your van

just in case?

"It takes less than 5 minutes to fit our V-MPL"


V-PATIO 2 Point Repair Kit


Now there's a solution for patio doors! Introducing our patio door kit complete with modern handles and adjustable backset to cover you in any situation.

Locking Patio Door Handle


Keep a set of these on your van. The large backplate will cover mess left from previous handles. Available with extra locking facility for additional security.

Universal Multipoint Lock


A 1 piece multipoint lock that comes with a full length reversible keep. It's short length means it replaces the majority of 28mm, 30mm, 35mm & 45mm multipoint locks with out the need to retro-fit.


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